On Wednesday 29th September there will be an Open Evening from 5pm to 8pm. Parking will be available at West Kent College.

Visitors (children in Year Six and their parents) will go on a tour with a Y8 and Y12 student. The tours will finish in the Cohen playground. We will be serving refreshments there, under the beautiful new canopy.

Visitors really appreciate being able to speak to Judd parents.

Setup (4pm) - Farah, Abby, Inessa (fill tea urn and switch on, tablecloths on, cups, tongs etc)

5pm to 6.30pm - early visitor refreshments - Geoff (iZettle and cash tin), Richard, Mimi, Eleanor

6.30pm to 8.30pm - later visitors and tidying up - Carrie (iZettle and cash tin), Meghana (to 7.30pm), Abby, Aastha, Maria 

We would love to have more helpers from 6pm onwards - any time you can give would be much appreciated. Please email jpa@judd.kent.sch.uk if you can help. 

Volunteers will be able to have a look around the school before or after their shift, making this a perfect opportunity for anyone who may not have had a look inside school yet due to covid regulations.

iZettle machines and a cash tin will be available.

Geoff will be payments person for the 5-6.30pm shift, Carrie for the 6.30pm to 8.30pm shift.

For visitors, all hot drinks will be £1, doughnuts will be £1, crisps 50p. A laminated price sign will be on the table.

Doughnuts will be kept covered and handed to visitors with metal tongs.

A table with 18 trays of doughnuts will be behind the main refreshments area. This will be for student volunteers. If they can't have a doughnut due to an allergy, they will be offered a packet of crisps. 

Visitors will be encouraged to pay by contactless card.


Hand sanitiser should be used whenever handling cash.

Home bakes will not be served due to covid-safe guidance regarding food preparation and handling at school events.

Shopping List

500 recyclable/biodegradable hot drink cups. £51

432 Sainsbury's ring doughnuts (sprinkle, glazed, chocolate) in cardboard trays of 12, wrapped. £108

Milk, Oat milk £10

Tea (Mr Ames - local company) tbc

Coffee tbc

Hot Chocolate tbc

500 packets of Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps £100 

It's very difficult to estimate how many visitors will buy drinks and snacks. In 2019 £400 was raised at the open evening but they had a much bigger operation and no flippin' covid! They took £650 on the night and spent £250 on stock. Our aim is to offer a friendly place to stop and chat. We want to give student volunteers a good treat/drink and thank you from the main table (not tucked away in a classroom). We could be totally crazy, but let's give it a go!


If we break even will be happy, because we will have given students a treat and visitors good service. If we raise funds then we'll be very, very happy (technically the limit based on stock and markups is about £500 profit) but the main thing we're trying to raise is smiles - yes, we are that cheesy...

Laminated signs


Welcome to The Judd School!

We hope you have enjoyed your visit.

We are raising funds this evening to buy educational enrichment equipment for Judd students.

Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate £1

Doughnut £1

Crisps 50p

Contactless card payments preferred.

Please do ask us about school life and the school community.


We are very happy to chat to you this evening.

The Judd School Parents' Association


Judd Student Volunteers

Thank you for helping this evening.

Please ask us for a free doughnut and hot drink to keep your energy levels up!


Thank You