This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how and why we collect personal information about you and what we do with that information. It also explains the decisions that you can make about your own information.

Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual and relates to you. This includes your name and email address. We will keep your information safe, up to date, only use it for what we said we would, destroy it when we no longer need it and most importantly – treat the information we get fairly.

The Judd Parents Association (JPA) will be using your personal information when this is necessary for the JPA's legitimate interests except when your interests and fundamental rights override our legitimate interests. Specifically, the JPA has a legitimate interest in:
•    Building a sense of community across The Judd School by running social events and sharing information.
•    Enriching the education at The Judd through fundraising to purchase equipment/subscriptions/resources for students.

We will not share your information with any third party without your express permission.

We keep your information for as long as you are a Parent/Carer of a Judd student.

You have a number of rights regarding your information:

• Rectification: if information the JPA holds about you is incorrect you can ask us to correct it.
• Access: you can also ask what information we hold about you and be provided with a copy.
• Deletion: you can ask us to delete the information that we hold about you.

If you have any questions about this policy please email

If you consider that we have not acted properly when using your personal information you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via