A shared spreadsheet to help parents organise transport to/from school in September is available at:


Here are some top tips shared by parents of older students via the new family whatsapp groups:

Squid is the payment system for school food. Your son will be given a little metal fob to use to pay for his food and Y7s often lose them. The JPA will have a little gadget for sale at the New Parent Induction evenings that can attach the fob to your son's blazer or belt and still make it usable at the checkout... or just use a bit of elastic/string to safety pin it to the inside of a blazer pocket.

At social meet-ups it's useful to wear something in your house colour so you can spot parents and students from your son's form.

In September, just have the basic uniform ready (blazer, shirt, tie, trousers, rugby top, house t-shirt, navy shorts, pe vest, white shorts) and add warmer layers (jumper, track top, track bots, sweatshirt) when the temperature drops. It will save you a fortune, especially if you can grab some bargains at the second hand uniform shop after term begins. White shirt, navy jumper and charcoal trousers can be purchased anywhere (non-branded) but be careful with the trouser colour - charcoal (not grey or black). The official uniform list is here.

Re-use or buy bags (for sports kit and books) that will stand out and not be taken by accident because they all look the same.

Don't have initials sewn on uniform. It can then be sold when outgrown. This does go against school guidance (where they ask for initials on sports tops) but putting a name label on the inside of a collar is much more effective way of getting uniform back when it is lost. The JPA have lots of lost property that is initialled and unclaimed and can't be reunited by the office with the student because it doesn't have a full name on it. 


Name everything with labels or a sharpie. Lost property that has no name on is donated to charity after a few weeks (if unclaimed by a student from the school office).   

If your son loses his lunch fob the lunch servers will allow your child to eat if he gives his full name and form


Blazers are washable and have lots of pockets


The all weather top  (w/ growing room as yes, material weirdly noisy & not v flexible), is a must & the sweatshirt gets worn, if only occasionally.


Tracksuit bottoms & base layers, which are esp useful for late season rugby (& which render sweatshirt superfluous, so really don’t bother w/ it).


Of the optional kit list, a few more tips:
- no white lab coat, they supply them at school.
- the Judd track bottoms are critical in winter.
- my child never wore either of the 2 jumpers I bought, so buy only 1 to start, and only if your child does get cold


Re lunchtime, some boys have the patience to stand in line (after the initial grace period where Y7s get to cut in). If they go to lunchtime clubs a packed lunch makes life easier as they can eat it in the club room so more fun

Backpacks need to hold around 6 A4 exercise books, a couple of textbooks and a waterbottle, snacks and lunch

Bright colours help as they all end up in a heap

Suggest you don't buy new unless you have zero backpacks at home. They get wise to trends in term 1 and usually want a different brand!

If you're concerned about losing bags write The Judd School with a sharpie or get some name stickers with the school name on.

Some boys get savvy and manage to stuff their games kit in to drawstring bags in their backpacks or in to boot bags so they have less to carry on the train.

Tech: personally, we stuck with the existing older laptop that our Y7 and now Y8 child already had since they really only need Google classroom access, Word, PDFs and PowerPoint. Our plan is to buy new (or upgrade within the family chain), for GCSEs or when a higher functioning computer is needed. A better phone is useful for Quizlets and other apps they tend to use around their courses (informally), we found.